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Analytical System List in May 2022

1 Waters LC/MS/MS Xevo TQ-XS 2019

•Xevo TQ-XS(UniSpray Source)

•Acquity UPLC I-class

-Binary Solvent Manager

-Sample manager-FTN

-Column manager

2 Waters LC/MS/MS Xevo TQ-MS 2010

•Xevo TQ-MS

•Rotary vacuum pump

•Acquity UPLC

-Binary solvent manager

-Sample manager

-Column oven

※no N2 generator

3 Waters LC/MS/MS TQD 2008

•TQ Detector

•Sogevac vacuum pump SV40-65 BIFC

•Acquity UPLC

-Binary Solvent Manager

-Sample Manager

-TUV Detector

Upcoming in Jun

4 Thermo LC/MS/MS

TSQ Quantum

Discovery Max

2008 •Discovery Max

•Surveyor MS Pump, Auto sampler

5 Shimadzu GC/MS/MS GCMS-TQ8040 2015


•AOC-20i (injector only)

•NIST Library

6 Thermo GC/MS/MS TSQ Quantum XLS 2010


•TSQ Quantum XLS

•TriPlus Autosampler(AS+HS)

7 Agilent LC/MS/MS 6410-1100



•N2 Generator

8 ABSciex MS/MS API4000 2002


•N2 generator

※no LC part

9 ABSciex LC/MS/MS API3200 2007

•API-3200(turbo v source)

•N2 generator

•Shimadzu Prominence LC (LC-20AD *2, CTO-20AC, SIL-20AC HT, DGU-20A3, CBM-20A, Tray)

※Compressor non-functional

10 Thermo MS/MS LTQ-OrbiTrap 2006

•0723851 FINNIGAN LTQ OrbiTrap

•20011 ESI Probe(for ION MAX)

※no LC part

11 Agilent GC/Q-TOF/MS 7890B/7200Q-TOF 2015


•7890B GC

•G4567A ALS

12 Agilent ICP-OES Agilent720 2013

•700 series ICP-OES

•SPS-3 Autosampler

•CA-1115A Chiller

13 Agilent LC/MS 6125-1260 2013

•LC part

-Bin pump G1312B

-HiP Degasser G4225A

-HiP ALS G1367E

-Thermostat G1330B

-Column oven CO705N(GL Sciences)

•MS Part

-MSD G6125B

-Rotary pump(new)

-N2 generator(AC100V-50Hz)

※ion source: ESI, APCI

14 JEOL GC/MS JMS-Q1050GC/7890A 2012

•JMS-Q1050GC QMS Basic body (EI Ion source)

•7890A GC

•EQ-12031HSA Headspace Autosampler S-trap(Cryo)

15 Agilent GC/MS 7890B/240MS 2014

•240MS (G3936AA) Ion Trap MS

•7890B(G3440B) GC

•G4513A Auto-Injector ※Option

16 Agilent GC/MS 7890B-5977B 2016

•7890B GC

•5977B MSD

•G4513A Auto injector ※Option

•7697A HSS ※Option

17 Agilent Single MSD 5977A 2014

•5977A MSD

•Vacuum pump

※no GC part

18 Shimadzu GC/MS GCMS-QP2010Plus 2006 •GCMS-QP2010Plus


Upcoming in Jun

19 Waters UPLC Acquity UPLC(H-class) 2012

•Quaternary solvent manager

•TUV Detector

•Sample manager-FTN

•Sample Organizer

•Column manager

20 Waters UPLC Acquity UPLC(H-class) 2017

•Quaternary solvent manager

•Sample Manager

•Column manager

•PDA Detector

Upcoming in Jun

21 Shimadzu UFLC Prominence 2014







Upcoming in Jun

22 Agilent HPLC 1260 Infinity LC 2016

•1260 Quat pump G1311B

•1260 Autosampler G1329B

•1290 Thermostat G1330B

•1260 TCC G1316A

•1260 UV-VIS G1314F

•Solvent tray

Upcoming in Jun

23 Agilent HPLC 1260 Infinity LC 2016

•1260 Quat pump G1311B

•1260 Autosampler G1329B

•1290 Thermostat G1330B

•1260 TCC G1316A

•1260 UV-VIS G1314F

•Solvent tray(steel type)

Upcoming in Jun

24 Waters HPLC Alliance 2695 2007

•Alliance 2695

•Column heater module

•2996 PDA

Upcoming in Jun

25 JASCO HPLC LC-2000Plus 2002

•PU-2089Plus Quaternary Gradient Pump

•CO-2065Plus Column oven

•AS-2051Plus Autosampler

26 JASCO HPLC LC-2000Plus 2002

•PU-2089Plus Quaternary Gradient Pump

•CO-2065Plus Column oven

•AS-2051Plus Autosampler

•UV-2077Plus UVD

•UV-2075Plus UVD

•RI-2031Plus RID

27 Metrohm IC 761 Compact IC

•Metrohm 761 Compact IC

•Dionex AS40 Automated Sampler

28 Agilent GC 7890B/8355 2018 •7890B GC

•8355 SCD

Upcoming in Jun

29 Agilent GC 7890B 2015

•7890B GC(FID, TCD)

30 Agilent GC 6890N 2006

•6890N(FID) Upcoming in Jun

31 Shimadzu GC GC-2010 2009


•Inlet, FID


※no Software

※temperature sensor & circuit board non-functional

Upcoming in Jun

32 Shimadzu GC GC-2010Plus 2010



※no software

33 Shimadzu GC GC-2010Plus 2015

•GC-2010Plus AT(TCD)

•multi mode inlet OPTIC-4SC

•Air compressor SLP-07EED

※no recovery software

34 Shimadzu GC GC-2014 2008

•GC-2014*2 (FID)


※no software

35 Agilent AAS AA280Z 2016 [Furnace type]

•Agilent 280Z AA furnace AAS

•130 Sample carousel

•Chiller(for Furnace)

36 Varian AAS AA240Z

37 Thermo AAS iCE3500 2012

•CE3500 Zeeman Flame/Furance AA system

•HYD-10U, HYD-20U1

Upcoming in Jun

38 Shimadzu AAS AA-6650F 2002 [Flame type]


39 Hitachi AAS Z-2010 2012

[Tandem type(Flame&Graphitefurnace)]

40 Hitachi AAS Z-2010 2010

[Tandem type(Flame&Graphitefurnace)]

•Z-2010 Zeeman AAS

•SSC-230 Autosampler




Upcoming in Jun

41 JASCO UV-VIS V-660 2010

Wavelength range: 187 to 900nm

42 JASCO UV-VIS V-530 2005

Wavelength range: 190 to 1100nm Touch panel

43 LNI Air Generator Zero Air ZA-6L-EU

44 JEOL Auto Amino Acid Analyzer JLC-500/V2 2009

45 Agilent Bio Analyzer 2100 2008

46 Nikon Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope A1R 2014

•FN1 Fixed Stage Microscope for Electrophysiological Research(Fluorescence & DIC type, with Piezo lens 450, CFI S Fluor 4x,

Plan Fluor 10x, Plan Apo Lambda 20x,

40x, Apo Lambda S 40x W)

•Diode Laser 405nm 100mW

•Fixed Laser 488nm 20mWC

•Fixed Laser 561nm 20mWC

•Diode Laser 440nm 20mW

•LU4A 4-laser unit A

•NIS-Elements C AR-SP

•A1-SHR A1R Scanner set

•A1-DUG GaAsP Multi detector unit

•A1-DUT Diascopic Detector unit

•Fluorescence Filter(for 4 detectors)

•Dichroic Mirror(for 440nm)

•Visual servo stage

•HERZ Vibration Isolation Table TDI[1]1510LA

Upcoming in July

47 Beckman DNA Sequencer GenomeLab GeXP Basic 2013

48 Agilent HeadSpaceSampler 7697A 2015

•7697A HSS Upcoming in May

49 ABI Genetic Analyzer

•ABI PRISM 310 Refur

50 CORONA ELECTRIC Microplate Reader MTP-310LAB 2014

Absorbance type Fillter: 450nm, 630nm

51 CTC Analytics PAL SYSTEM HTC PAL 2002

52 Thermo Personal Genome Machine ION-PGM 2014

•Ion torrent PGM

•Ion OneTouchES

•Ion OneTouch 2


53 Teledyne tekmar Purge&Trap Atomx 2016

•Atomx P&T(with Autosampler: 80vials)

•CCA-1112 Chiller

54 Teledyne tekmar Purge&QUA PT-Trap A5000J Plus 2005

•AQUA PT-5000J

•AQUA auto70

55 GLSciences Purge&Trap AquaPT6000 2012

•AquaPT AS6100 Autosampler

56 Roche Real time PCR LightCycler 480 2014

•96well Upcoming in July

57 TAKARA BIO Real time PCR TP800 2009

•PCR TP-800

•CT2Y Centrifuge(small size)

58 Illumina Sequencing system Hiseq1500 2013

※upgrade Hiseq1000 to 1500

59 Shimadzu TOC TOC-VCPH 2004 •TOC-VCPH


Upcoming in Jun

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