Agilent 54831B Infiniium Oscilloscope 600MHz
The Keysight Infiniium 54831B provides the performance you need for your most demanding signals. The 54831B is a next-generation, MegaZoom deep memory oscilloscope, now available up to an unprecedented 128 Mpts that provides fast waveform update rates and instant response to control changes, even with the deepest memory being acquired. 600MHz bandwidth and a sample rate of up to 4 GSa/s ensure fast, accurate capture of your waveforms.
-600 MHz bandwidth
-Up to 4 GSa/s sample rate
-Up to 128 Mpts optional memory, also available as after-purchase upgrades
-Standard 4 Mpts memory
-Simple, analog-like front panel with Windows® GUI
-Time correlation option for the 16900/16700/1680/1690 Series logic analyzer and scope
-Web-enabled remote control and email on trigger
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Agilent 54831B Infiniium Oscilloscope 600MHz

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