Agilent E4916A Crystal Impedance
- Based on the transmission p network method recommended by the IEC444 standard.
- Wide frequency range (1 MHz to 180 MHz)
- Easy to change the drive level (0.1 nW to 1 mW)
- Applies up to 20 mW to the DUT when used in combination with the optional impedance probe (option 001)
- Allows you to use the same test fixtures as those for the network analyzer.
- Provides the p calibration to correct errors resulting from the extension of the cable.
- Saves and recalls up to 10 patterns of the system settings together with calibration data.
- Return loss: 20dB
- Damage level: 25Vdc, 20dBm
- Cross talk: -100dB
- Power level: -60 +/-18 dBm
- Built-in-DLD Function
- Built-in-EM Function
- Fr/CI Meas.Time: 125mSec ~ 10Sec
- Crystal Parameters: Fr, CI, FL, C1, R1, L1, Co, Q,and Ts
- PI-Network Calibration Function
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Agilent E4916A Crystal Impedance

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