Anritsu MS9030A+MS9701B+MG9001A Optical Spectrum Analyzers
- Measurement wavelength: 350 to 1750 nm
- Measurement of fast and accurate polarization dependencies and level linearity in the 1.55um band.
- Wide-area dynamic range (70 dB) using an optional optical attenuator.
High sensitivity (-90 dBm) and maximum + 23 dBm can be measured.
- Much smaller and lighter than previous spectroscopy
- A complete line-up of built-in computational capabilities to assess a wide variety of devices.
Spectral peak detection and analysis
- Use MS9710C format and MS-DOS text and MS-windows bitmap format on FD.
Stored data
- External control via GP-IB and RS-232C interfaces
- Optional internal light source for calibration wavelengths
- MG9637 / MG9638 Tracking with Tunable Laser Source
- 110V Only
Components: BodyMS9030A, Power cord, Connecting cable, MS9701B+MG9001A
user manual, printer paper
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Anritsu MS9030A+MS9701B+MG9001A Optical Spectrum Analyzers

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