Gertsch RT-7 Ratio Transformer/ AC Voltage Divider 


- Accuracy
The ratio transformer is an adjustable precision AC voltage divider.
apparent parallel "divide" the voltage at the outer terminals 10 turn precision
It's a Potenschometer. These typically have a linearity of 0.25% linear.
Some are rigorously valued at 0.05%.

- Transformer type
The smaller and lighter toe-rode is limited to an RMS voltage of 0.35F.
It's only 21V at 60Hz. Small toe-roids are the most important part of the 400 Hz.
Accurate and capable of 140V RMS. Best in Little Toe Lloyd.
Accuracy can be used below 3 kHz, but typically at 50 Hz
Specified as 10,000 Hz.

- Switch.
Some models used pushbutton switches, but in most cases, 10 years
Interval rotary switch used. There are two kinds of these.

- Application
Check and calibrate the voltmeter range switch. 1 V input
The six-dial ratio transformer has a full range of 1uV units from 0V to 1.1V.
You can print it out. These are radio antenna inputs and speaker outputs.
It's almost the same signal range.

It acts as a adjustable component of the bridge. a few things for this purpose
A wide range of digital measurement equipment can be found in the Precision Reference.

Components: Main body
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Gertsch RT-7 Ratio Transformer/ AC Voltage Divider

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