HIOKI 3194 Motor Harmonic Tester
- Measurement line single phase / 2 to 3 phase / 4 lines (using various input devices)
- Measurement range voltage: 6.0000 V to 1.0000 kV (depending on input device use)
- Current: 200.00 mA to 500.00 A (depending on the use of the input device), Power: Depending on the combination of voltage and current ranges
- Integration range 0 to ± 9999999 TAh / TWh, (integration time up to 10000 hours)
- 6.4-inch TFT color LCD, RMS / MEAN rectification, FDD, GP-IB / RS-232C interface, scaling, averaging
Mounting module : HIOKI 9602 (Clamp Input) x 6, 9603-01 (Exp signal Input Unit) x 1
Components: body, manual, paper holder (fitted), connector, printer paper, power cord
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HIOKI 3194 Motor Harmonic Tester

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