Hioki 3290 Clamp on AC/DC HiTester


- Record function: Maximum, minimum, average,
- Bar graph: Medium in DC mode is zero.
- Automatic power off: Automatically turns off about 10 minutes after key operation.
- Measurement response time :
- FAST (0.2 seconds): 45 Hz or higher,
- NORMAL (0.8 seconds): 10 Hz or higher,
- SLOW (8 seconds): 1 Hz or higher
- Range setting: Automatic/manual
- Output impedance: 100 ohms or less
- Operating temperature and humidity range: 0 to 40°C,80% or smaller
- Maximum power consumption: 500mA (when operated by battery)
- Battery time: 22 hours.
- Dimensions and mass: 155W X 98H X 47D

Components: main body, two output cables, dedicated adopta, instruction manual, two BNC gents, 9693 (200A)



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Hioki 3290 Clamp on AC/DC HiTester

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