Hioki 3541 Resistance HiTester
Resistor corresponding to wide range, high resolution, and SYSTEM instrumentation
Wide measurement from 0.1 μ£ (20.00 m£) to 110 m£
High Speed Sampling £££ with a maximum speed of 0.6ms depends on the setting conditions.)
Offset Voltage Calibration, 9451(Pt)/Temperature Calibration by Radiometer
Four-terminal method to ignore the impact of the measurement lead is employed
Printable in Option 9670 with built-in statistical operations
The body is fitted with 9287 CLIP-TYPE LEAD.
For other measurement purposes, there is an optional PROBE for measurement.
- Measure the resistance value of the resistor
- Measurement of coil resistance such as coil, motor, transmission, etc.
- Measure the contact resistance of relays, switches, connectors, etc.
- Measurement of the direct current resistance of the tip inductor
- Measurement of pattern resistance on printed substrates
Components: Body, 4-wire lead wire, Instructions for Use
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Hioki 3541 Resistance HiTester

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