Hioki 8835 Memory HiCoder
- Maximum analog 8ch+logical 16ch simultaneous recording (using 8946)
- Rich input units of temperature, FFT, strain, F/V, speed
- Wideband clamp-on probe can be entered directly into the F/V unit
- PC Card (SRAM, Flash ATA, Hard Disk Card), FD Responding
- Record measurement data in text, binary, BMP file format
[With 8946 Units]
- Number of channels : analog 8+ rok 16ch (insulated analog input)
- Measuring range: 20mV~5V/DIV,8 range v - Decomposition capacity: 1/160 of range
- Maximum input voltage: AC30V rms or DC60V
- Frequency characteristics: DC to 100 kHz (± 3 dB)
- Memory capacity: 500k word /ch (8ch used)
- Measurement function: Memory recorder, recorder, effective value recorder (50/60Hz and DC only)
Mounting Module: 8946 (4Ch Analog) x 2 pcs
Components: main body, power cord, four Hioki 9320 logic probes, two printer paper
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Hioki 8835 Memory HiCoder

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