Hioki 8841 Memory HiCorder
- Measuring range: [8936)5mV to 20V/DIV, 12Range (20 DIV f.s) 400VDCmax,
[8946]10mV to 1V/DIV, 7Range (20 DIV f.s)60VDCmax
- Decomposable: 1/80th of the range
- Frequency specific: DC to 400 kHz ±3 dB
- Time axis: 100us~5min/DIV, 20 range, sampling period (1/100 of range),
External sampling possible (when memory recorder)
- measurable: memory recorder, recorder, effective value recorder (50/60Hz and DC only),
Recorder & Memory, FFT Features
Components: Body, power cord, CD, user manual, print paper
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Hioki 8841 Memory HiCorder

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