Hioki 8845  Memory HiCoder
- Measuring range: 20mV to 1V/DIV, range 6 (20DIV f.s.) Decomposable; 1/320 of range
- Frequency characteristics: DC to 50 kHz, -3 dB
- Time axis: 1.25 ms to 1h/DIV, 20 range, sampling period; 1/100th of range, external sampling possible (recorder time)
- Time axis: 1 ms (other than 8927) to 5 min/DIV, 20 range, sampling period; 1/100th of range, external sampling (memory recorder)
- Measurement function: Memory recorder, recorder, FFT
- Number of channels: analog 16ch, or analog 14ch+logical 8ch
- Memory capacity: 14-bit ×1 M word/ch (using 2ch) to 100k word/ch (using 16ch)
- FFT analysis: (8919 use) linear, RMS, power spectrum, autocorrelation function, bar graph, octave analysis, etc.,
- Frequency can be decomposed: 1/400
- Sampling score: 1000 points
- External memory : DAT drive 2GB, DDS format
- Record paper: 216mm×30m, roll type heat insulation record paper, record speed;25mm/s
- Display part: 9.5-inch TFT collar liquid crystal
- Function : waveform determination function, waveform operation (scaling, parameter operation, cursor measurement, comment input, registration of setting conditions, logging, list, gauge factor, etc.)
Mounting Module: 8927 Analog Units x 8
Components: Body, power cord, instruction manual, 9321 heat insulation record
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Hioki 8845 Memory HiCoder

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