Hioki 8846 Memory Hicorder


- Save long-term measurement data for large media DAT/MO
- Record maximum analog 16ch
- Optional SCSI interface enables operation from the PC side
- Rich input units such as DC/RMS, FFT, temperature, and strain
- Measurement range: 20mV to 1V/DIV, 6th to 20th of the decomposable range (20 DIVF.s.)
- Frequency characteristics:DC to 50 kHz, -3 dB
- Time Axis (Record City): 1.25ms~1h/DIV, 20 ranges, 1/100th of the sampling cycle range, external sampling is possible.
- Time axis (memory recorder): 1 ms (other than 8927) to 5min/DIV, 20 range, external sampling
- Measurement functions: Memory recorder, recorder, X-Y recorder, FFT.
- channel number analog 16ch, or analog 14ch+ logic 8ch
- Memory capacity 14-bit×1M-word/ch (2ch) to 100k-word/ch (16ch)
- External memory device: MO drive, 640MB (OW response)
- Function: waveform judging, waveform operation
- SCSI interface

Mounting Module: 8916X2, 8919FFTX2

Components: main body, bag, Banana-Cliprid wire (9326)X8, 9320X2, power cord, CD/ instruction manual/MO disk/ diskette, etc.
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Hioki 8846 Memory Hicorder

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