Hioki 8846 Memory Hicorder 
- Save long-term measurement data to large media DAT/MO
- Maximum analog 16ch recording (up to 14ch when 8927 is mounted/logical combination)
- Optional SCSI interface enables operation from the PC side
- Rich input units such as DC/RMS, FFT, temperature, and strain
- Measuring range: 1/320 of 20mV-1V/DIV, 6 range (20DIVf.s.) decomposable range
- Frequency characteristics: DC to 50 kHz, -3 dB
- Time axis (recorder time): 1.25 ms to 1 h/DIV, 20 range, 1/100 of sampling period range, external sampling possible
- Time axis (memory recorder): 1 ms (500 μs other than 8927) to 5 min/DIV, 20 range, 1/100 of the sampling period range, external sampling
- Measurement capabilities: memory recorder, recorder, X-Y recorder, FFT
- Channel count analog 16 ch, or analog 14 ch+logical 8 ch
- Memory capacity 14 bits × 1 M word /ch with 2 ch~100 k word /ch with 16 ch
- FFT analysis (using 8919): linear RMS power spectrum, autocorrelation function, bar graph, octave analysis, etc.,
Frequency range 133 mHz to 80 kHz, frequency decomposable;1/400, sampling score;1000 points
- External Memory: MO Drive, 640MB (OW Response)
- Function : waveform judgment function, waveform operation (scaling, parameter operation, cursor measurement, comment entry, registration of setting conditions, logging list gauge factor, etc.)
- SCSI Interface
Mounting Module: 8916X2, 8919FFTX2  
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Hioki 8846 Memory Hicorder

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