Kikusui PAX35-30 High Speed Programmable DC Power Supply 
The Kikusui PAX35-30 has the design concept of automation and labor saving. The PAX is a programmable DC regulated power source that is designed based on high reliablility and safety. Since the power amplifier method is used, low ripple noise and highly stable operation are achieved.
High-speed operation is also available. Multi-functions with CPU control are available. The output sequence can be controlled and the desired "voltage/current waveform" can be genereated.
Various interfaces are provided and it is compatible with various systems through GPIB, RS-232C or the MCB (Multi-Channel Bus).
-Voltage: 0-35
-Current: 0-30A
-Power: 1050W
-50µs (CV/CC) high-speed operation (fast mode)
-Sequence function that enables programming of steps at 100µs intervals
-Human-Engineered Ease of Operation
-Potential Expandability for Use as Pattern Generators, Simulation Power Supplies and Other Applications
-GPIB and RS-232C interfaces supported (option) 


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Kikusui PAX35-30 High Speed Programmable DC Power Supply

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