Kikusui PMP25-2TR Multi Channel Tracking Output Power 

The small-size PMP Series is a DC power supply that supports simple functions and provides constant multi-output voltage (CV) and current (CC). The past multi-output power supply can provide only two types of concurrently variable output. The PMP Series, however, implements "Multi-channel tracking" that allows all types of output to be varied concurrently. It also supports a "Delay Function" that allows timing for turning on or off each output to be varied, and a "Memory Function" that can store output settings.
-Models PMP18-3TR and PMP25-2TR outputs have positive polarity, and the output capacity (current rating) is enhanced.
-The supported multi-channel tracking function allows all output to be varied concurrently in the same ratio or width (absolute value).
-The available delay function has the ability to change timing at which to turn on or off the output.
-The supported memory function has the capability to store output settings. (This product has three memories.)
-Voltage and current can be displayed under high resolution of four digits.
-Two common systems are available.(The three-output model supports CH1 and CH2/3, while the four-output model supports CH1/2 and CH3/4.)
-A remote sensing function is supported for all output.
-Control via an external contact (Memories 1, 2 and 3, as well as output on/off)
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Kikusui PMP25-2TR Multi Channel Tracking Output Power

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