OnoSokki LV-1300 Laser Vibrometer


ONO SOKKI LV-1300 Laser Doppler Vibrator is a contactless Vibrator that exerts power in measuring high-sensitivity vibration.
The principle is to shoot a small laser beam at the object being measured, and the frequency difference between the beam reflected by the Doppler effect and the beam joined.
Measure, measure the vibration rate in real time.

- 110V only.
- I don't know how to use it (Deliver it to the current condition). / No return allowed
- Output impedance: 10 ohms or less
- Measured distance: 34 to 500 mm (standard)
- Laser spot size: Approximately. 20 to 400 μm (depending on distance).
- Laser output below 2mW (Class 3B)
- Sensor head cable length 3m
- External dimension 420 (W) x 149 (H) x 532 (D) mm
- Power supply 100 to 110V 50 / 60hz

Components: Main body, measuring sensor
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OnoSokki LV-1300 Laser Vibrometer

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