SMT pH91 Homogenizer
The product condition is quite good and the operation condition is normal.
There is one extra container like in the picture.
· Model : PH-91
· Maker : SMT Company Japan
· Power:AC100V 50/60Hz 3A
· Motor:100W
· Number of revolution : Maximum 18,000rpm
· Throughput : 5~1,000ml
· Timer : 15,30/Min, continuation
· Dimensions(mm):250×250×396(W×D×H)
· Weight:6kg
· Material of cup:SUS304/ & others
· Material of cup's lid:SUS304/ & others
· Material of homogenizer shaft:SUS304/ & others
· Control system:Thyristor control system
· Cup set : 30cc, 100cc, 200cc, 1000cc (option 1000cc only)
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SMT pH91 Homogenizer

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