Tektronix TDS3032 Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes
- Bandwidth: 300 MHz
- Waterway: 2
- Sampling rate: 2.5GS /s
- Record length: 10Kpoints
- Full VGA color LCD
- Internal floppy disk drive for easy storage and documentation
- 21 Automatic Measurements
- Centronics Port Standard on all models for fast and convenient hard copy
- 9 bit vertical resolution
- Multilingual user interface
- QuickMenu user interface mode for quick and easy operation
- Advanced triggers such as glitch, width, and logic
- Communication Mask Test (TMT)
- FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) for frequency and harmonic analysis
- Extended video application module
- Supports active, differential, and current probes that provide automatic scaling and units.
- Optional module for RS-232, GPIB, LAN, or VGA communication ports
Components: Body, Front Cover, 2 probes, Instructions for Use
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Tektronix TDS3032 Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes

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