Yokogawa VG3000 3GHz Signal Generator
Digital Modulated Signal Generator VG3000 is a signal generator for digital communication with a wide frequency range of 250MHz~3.2GHz.
With 50MHz modulation bandwidth for next-generation broadband communication, W-CDMA as well as next-generation high-speed wireless LAN (MMAC in Japan, HyperLAN in Europe, U-NII in USA), ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems, Road Traffic Information System), Digital TV, It can be used for research and development, device evaluation, and a wide range of applications such as digital satellite broadcasting.
   -Frequency range: 250MHz~3.2GHz (0.1Hz resolution)
   -Output level: -143dBm~+13dBm (0.1dB resolution)
   -Modulation bandwidth: 50MHz
   -Modulation degree: 2% rms
   -ACPR:-60dBc typ. (4.096Mchiprate)
   -Spurious: ≤-70dBc (100kHz offset)
   -SSB phase noise: -117dBc/Hz (100kHz offset
Components: main body, power cord
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Yokogawa VG3000 3GHz Signal Generator

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