Advantest Q8974 Laser Diode Thermo Controller


- CHA 1,2, ALL, AH -20.0-99.9degC res0.1degC
- Digital PID: AutoTuning, Professional, Integrated, Derivative AnalogOut : Ch1,2
- Select Output: 9V 4A / 1A Pt
- Thermistor Ripple: + - 0.2degC Control: + 5-70degC
- Alarm Output: 40 mA Calibration
- GP-IB AC90-250V 220VA
- Mass: 189H 220W 484D 8Kg

- Components: Cables for the main body, power cord, user manual, and output terminals
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Advantest Q8974 Laser Diode Thermo Controller

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