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We offer a variety of services such as servicing and repairing your equipment. You also have the option to trade or sell your equipment or instrument to us.*

Sell / Buy Used Equipment Lab, Microscope, Test,  Semiconductor, Medical Equipment
Service and Repair

ReScience Inc. leads the latest concept in refurbishing and servicing analytical instruments with competitive pricing. Just tell us what you need in your lab and business. You can trade your unused instruments for completely refurbished analytical instruments, or you can have a option for repairing them.


ReScience, Inc. partners with you throughout your equipment’s life cycle. Whether it is time to retire a unit or upgrade, get in touch with us to ensure a smooth and cost-effective transition


ReScience, Inc. is a purchaser of used lab equipment. Get in touch with us if you have equipment you wish to sell to us directly. Call us at 949-407-6394.

*Requires prior approval and based on availability.

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