Advantest R3767C Network Analyzer
The Advantest R3767C Network Analyzer provides complex transfers of two port devices in the frequency domain and provides a complete range of data.
An instrument that measures reflective properties. It samples the incident signal.
Separate the transmissive wave from the reflective wave and then the ratio directly related to the reflective and transmittance coefficients of two ports.
Perform and perform.
Frequency is sweeped to obtain amplitude and phase information quickly in the frequency band of interest.

The Advantest R3767C Network Analyzer utilizes synthetic frequency sources.
Sweep various frequencies or power levels ?Provides known test stimuli that can be found.
The Advantest R3767C network analyzer also provides a ratio measurement (including topology) that requires multiple receivers.
You can do this. Advantest R3767C is the size,
For the device under test (DUT), including phase and group delay responses.
I can provide you with a lot of knowledge.

S Parameter Test Set
Four measurement channels.
processing high speed sigma
Sweep mode : tstpt 0.15ms /
electronic attenuator
TFT Color LCD Display
restriction line
Output Accuracy: 0.5 dB
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Advantest R3767C Network Analyzer