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The Agilent Technologies PSD 120 Furnace Autosampler is designed to be used together with the graphite Tube Atomizer (GTA), to automatically deliver measured volumes of samples to the furnace. The PSD system consists of the sampling unit, sampler arm and capillary, sample carousel, and a carousel cover.


- Indoor use only
- Suitable for the following categories: Installation category II, Pollution degree 2, and Equipment class I
- Non-operating (transport)Temp t (°C):  5–45
- Non-operating (transport) Humidity (%RH) non-condensing: 20–80
- Non-operating (transport) Altitude: 0–2133 m (0-7000 ft.)  
- The electrical controls for the sampler are built into the GTA control unit
- Power is supplied by the GTA
- Unpacked weight: 6.5 kg (15 lb.)
- Gas connection is through a GTA outlet by a PVC hose with Snap-on connector
- Length of control cable to GTA is 1030 mm (41 in).
- Dimensions without bottle (W x H x D):310 x 170 x 360 mm
- Dimensions with bottle (W x H x D): 310 x 310 x 360 mm

Varian PSD 120 Furnace Autosampler

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