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Anritsu ML4803A RF Power Meter


- Super wide coaxial type atypical sensor
- diode sensor
- Semi-millimeter and millimeter wave sensors
- Automatic Sensor Sensiti.Correction
- 3 Power supplies (AC, DC / Bat)
- Up to 30 Freq.Memory Functions
- Embedded Analog Indicator
- Four-digit display.
- Selectable W, dBm, or dB (REL)
- Acy : +/- 0.02 dBm, + / - 0.02 dB
- Autozero.
- 100kHz to 90GHz range

Components: Main body, exclusive bag, sensor (MA4701A 18GHz), sensor cable included, front cover case
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Anritsu ML4803A RF Power Meter

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