EMCO 3416A Log-Periodic Antenna
-Frequency Range: 300 MHz-1 GHz
-Normal Impedance: 50 ohms
-Max. Cont. Power: 1kW
-Peak Power: 1.3kW
-Average VSWR: Less than 2.5
-Connector: Type N female
-Length: 57.2cm (22.5")
-Max. Width: 48.3cm (19")
-Depth: 6.4cm (2.5")
-Weight: 144kg (3lb 2 1/2oz)
*The EMCO 3416A Log-Periodic Antenna is a linearly polarised broadband antenna made to operate over the frequency range of 300 MHz-1 GHz.
The device is suitable for both Immunity & Emission Testing and capable of handling 1kW of power. Almost identical in design to the 3146 it has traded off some of the lower frequency coverage but gained a reduction in physical size.
It now sees favour for Shielded Room Testing where space is of the essence. This antenna comes readily assembled and no adjustments are necessary to its structure.
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EMCO 3416A Log-Periodic Antenna

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