Hioki 3541 Resistance HiTester
* Wide Measurement Range : 0.1 Micro-ohm (20 m-ohm range) to 110.000 M-ohm
* 0.6 ms with 70 ppm precision (in the 2k ohm to 110k ohm range)
* Low-Power Measurement Function
* Comparator and BIN functions
* Two Types of Temperature Correction: Pt sensor or Infrared Thermometer
* Measurement Fault Detection
* Offset voltage compensation minimizes thermo-electro-motive effects
* Statistical calculation functions
* Equipped with EXT I/O, GP-IB, and RS-232 interfaces: Easily integrates into automated production lines
* Standard accessories include 9287-10 Clip type Lead, 9451 Temperature Probe, Power cord, EXT I/O Connector
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Hioki 3541 Resistance HiTester

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