Hioki 8715 Power HiCorder


- Simultaneous input of 4ch insulation of voltage and current is possible.
- Measurement function is to record abnormal waveform measurement waveforms) (over-power variation monitoring effective values)
- Preserve and record data just before the ideal time
- Transient phenomena that cannot be recorded with Penreco can also be recorded.
- Clamp on-probe current recording is also simple and easy to record instantaneous power outages, voltage drops, and voltage fluctuations!
- Measurement function: Abnormal waveform measurement (power waveform observation), power variation monitoring (effective value variation observation)
- Time Axis: When measuring abnormal waveforms; 200 μs to 20 ms/div,7 range,sample extraction cycle; preserves the record sheet selected in 1/80 20 50 100 200 400 division of the range.
- when monitoring power fluctuations (50/60 Hz);10s~1h/div,8 range,sample extraction cycle;250μfixed,data interval recorded 1/80 consecutive times of range (preserve the last 200div minutes)
- Input range: Voltage;100V,200V,400V (600V using 9322)/current;Kuranfu
- Trigger : leveltrigger, windowtrigger, voltage drop trigger, periodtrigger (only for abnormal waveform measurement), waveform determination trigger (only for abnormal waveform measurement)
- Frequency characteristics: DC to 50 kHz, ± 3 dB
- Memory: Capacity 12 bits×64 k words (always 4ch measurements)
- Interface PC Card
- Display: 5.7 Determination of STN color liquid phase (240×320 points)
- Function: Condition factor, cursor measurement, start status view, automatic set-up, list and gauge print,DMM function
Components: Main body, 9197 access code x 4, instruction manual, power cord, adapta, print paper, 1 holder bracket (+ accessory), dedicated CD, 9448 (power input code)
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Hioki 8715 Power HiCorder

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