Hioki 8826 Memory HiCoder
- High-speed waveform RECORDER with insulation input 32ch
- Maximum analog 32ch+Logic 32ch simultaneous recording
- Connect to LAN and store data on PC or remote operation on LAN (optional: 9333 and 9578 are required)
- Rich input units of temperature, FFT, strain, F/V, Charge
- Enter the wideband clamp on probe directly into the F/V unit
- Standard Total 16M Word, 64M Word large memory when expanded
- Standard built-in SCSI interface allows MO device access
- B4 size (264 mm wide) wide printer
- Number of units available for installation: up to 16 units
- Number of channels: 32 (analog channel) + 32 (logic channel)
(an analog channel separated from input and frame, logic channel is common ground)
- Measurement range: 5 mV to 20 V/div, 12 range, [resolution]: 1/80 of range (8936) Full-scale: 20 div (general), 24 div (wideband)
- Maximum Input Allowance: 400 V DC (8936)
- Frequency characteristics: DC to 400 kHz (±3 dB, 8936)
- Time axis (memory): 100 μs to 5 min/div, 20 range, sampling period: 1/100th of range (100 points/div resolution), external sampling possible
- Measurement function memory recorder, recorder, X-Y recorder, recorder & memory, effective value recorder (50/60 Hz and DC only), FFT interpretation function
- Memory capacity: 12 bits × 4 M word /ch (4 ch) ~ 500 k word /ch (32 ch)※ Memory board can be expanded up to 4 times.
- External Memory: FD Drive (MS-DOS), PC Card TYPEIII Slot, SRAM, Flash ATA, Hard Disk Card, MO Drive (optional)
- Display: 10.4-inch TFT color LCD (640 × 480 dots)
- Function: Scaling, waveform parameter operation, clock, cursor measurement, comment entry, registration of setting conditions, list and gauge factors
Mounting Module: 8936 Analog Units x 16
Components: Body, Instructions for Use, 9198 insulated BNC-Clip cables x 32, Application CDs, genders, printing paper holders, etc.
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Hioki 8826 Memory HiCoder

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