Hioki 8826 Memory HiCoder
-Simultaneous sampling, display and recording of all 32 analog and 32 logic channels
-Large capacity memory of max. 16M-word
-High resolution of 12-bit, 1 M-sampling /second
-B4-size (paper width 264 mm) wide printer
-High-visibility waveforms displayed on a 10.4-inch color TFT liquid crystal display
-Measurement ranges using ANALOG UNIT 8936 /option 5 mV to 20 V/division, 12 ranges (normal f.s.; 20 division, wide f.s.; 24 division), resolution: 1/80 of range
-AC voltage for possible measurement/ display using the memory function: 335 V rms
-Frequency characteristic: DC to 400 kHz ±3 dB (used Analog Unit 8936 /option)
-Time axis at memory function 100 µs to 5 minutes/division, 20 settings (1 division =100 samples); external sampling (500 kS/s, minimum sampling period 2 µs)
-Measurement functions (1) Memory recorder, (2) Recorder, (3) RMS recorder (50/60 Hz or DC only), (4) Recorder and Memory, (5) Real-time save, (6) FFT
-Number of input channels: Analog (up to 32 channels) + logic (32 channels standard) *Using 16 units of Analog Unit 8936
-Memory capacity: 4 M words/ch (using 4 channels) to 500 k words/ch (using 32 channels) *Memory capacity can be separately expanded 4 times
-Data storage FD drive, Type III PC card slot (9726/9727/9728/9729 PC card, 128MB to 1GB), MO drive (optional)
-Interfaces (optional, sold separately): GP-IB: GP-IB CARD 9558 used, RS-232C: RS-232C CARD 9557 used LAN: 10BASE-T LAN CARD 9578 used
-Recording and display: 10.4-inch TFT color LCD, 264 mm (10.39 in) × 30 m (98.4 ft), thermal paper roll
-Other functions Scaling, Waveform judgment, Waveform processing calculations, Waveform parameter calculations, Memory segmentation, Logging print, Clock, Cursor readout, Comment entry, etc.
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Hioki 8826 Memory HiCoder

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