Hioki 8855 Memory HiCorder
- Insulation20MS/s,512MW (Option)의 LONG MEMORY
- High speed sampling of 8ch simultaneous 20MS/s with insulation input
- High-speed, high-capacity record of 512MW with standard 32MW memory and Option
- Analog 8ch+Logic 16ch at the same time Sampling/Simultaneous recording
- Connect to LAN and remote control from PC screen
- Robust interfaces such as LAN, SCSI standard built-in, GP-IB, RS-232C, etc.
- Measurement RANGE - 5mV ~ 20V/DIV,12 Range (20DIV f.s.)400V DC max.
- Frequency characteristics - DC to 10 MHz ±3 dB
- Time axis(Memory Recorder )
- 5μs ~5min/DIV,24Range,Sampling Period Range of 1/100, Outside Sampling:10MS/s
Components: Body, Power cord, 9231 Recorded Paper, 9198 Connection code 
(for low-pressure input up to 300V), Version Up CD, Manual floppy disk, Cover pin set
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Hioki 8855 Memory HiCorder

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