Hioki MR8880 4-Channel Memory HiCorder
Hioki MR8880
- Isolation performance of CAT III 600 V, 480 V line can be measured directly
- 4-channel insulation input (three-phase power line +1 channels can be recorded simultaneously)
- Normal operation in extreme environments (temperature range: -10 °C to 50 °C)
- Internal shock and internal vibration (with protector standard)
- Small but high performance with 1MS/s sampling
- Simple operation with setup guidance
- Maximum rated voltage: Terminal time: AC, DC 600 V, Large area: AC, DC 600 V,
- Measurement CategoryIII, AC, DC300V Measurement Category IV
- Frequency characteristics: DC-100 kHz (±3 dB)
- Time axis: 100 μs to 100 ms/div, 10th range, sampling cycle: 1/100th of range
- Record interval: 100 μs to 1 min, 19 settings (simultaneous sampling of all channels)
- Measurement function: High speed recording, real time recording
- Memory capacity: 14 bit X1 M WORD/ch (1 word=2 byte)
- External memory unit: CF card slot x1 up to 2 GB, USB2.0 memory x1
Hioki 9728
- 9728 stores important measurement data
- Compact flash card for use with Hioki electrical instruments
- CF cards designed as industrial standards
- Convenient storage and loading of measurement data
- Includes PC card adapter
Components: Main body (MR8880), one 9728 and four 9198, dedicated CD, instruction manual, exclusive cable, adapta,
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Hioki MR8880 4-Channel Memory HiCorder

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