Kenwood PEL151-201 DC Electronic Load 150W 
-Max. Input Voltage: 200V
-Max. Input Power: 150W
-Max. Input Current: 30A
-High-speed response
SW(switching) operation is available in the CC or CR discharging mode. It features the maximum response of 10µs (in the CC discharging mode).
-100 sequence memory
Storing on panel in the memory facilitates easy sequence operation.
-External control
Every model allows analog control according to external voltage (0 to 10V) and external resistance (0 to 10kOhm).
-GP-IB interface
Every model has the general purpose interface bus GP-IB as the standard feature.
-Master slave parallel operation
A maximum of five units can be connected in the parallel master slave operation mode.
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Kenwood PEL151-201 DC Electronic Load 150W

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