Kikusui PAT500-16T Regulated DC Power Supply 
Built-in power efficiency improvement circuits in consideration of energy conservation or the surrounding power environment
Constant-voltage?constant-current automatically transferable mass switching DC stabilization power.
Using a soft switching approach reduces noise and makes it dense.
The 430Wx129.2Hx550D delivers 8kW of output.At a ambient temperature of 50℃,
Achieve continuous driving.It has high reliability and standard RS-232C interfaces.
GPIB, USB Each interface is a factory option.The cost of system-up,
We've made significant improvements to the space.
- Compact size with large capacity of 8kW
- 0.95 Power factor improvement circuit contributes to energy conservation
- Achieve high quality at a low cost
- Soft switching method for low noise, high efficiency
- Parallel operation up to 40 kW
- Full-load operation is possible even at ambient temperature of 50℃
- RS-232C Standard Equipment
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Kikusui PAT500-16T Regulated DC Power Supply

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