Kikusui PLZ603W DC Electronic Load
600W 120V 120A
- A constant power mode that is effective for battery discharge testing.
- Sequence capability with complex current simulations
- Supports high speed operation up to 50 μs
- Start/End Time. Change function (50 μs/100 μs / 200 μs / 500 μs)
(2% of rated current value)?Valid within 100% range)
- Setup features and backup memory
- 3 memory functions and switching functions
- adopt a soft start method that minimizes output voltage distortion
- Short circuit to instantaneously set the maximum current value.
- Remote sensing to accurately compensate for the set value
- Output a trigger signal that is convenient for waveform monitoring
- Parallel operation to increase current capacity and power capacity
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Kikusui PLZ603W DC Electronic Load

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