Ludlum 2241-2 Digital Scaler-Ratemeter 
- 241-2RK Emergency Kit is capable of handling radiation emergencies
- Pack all basic radiation measurement tools in convenient transport cases.
- This kit is digital for measuring exposure, contamination, and samples.
- Autoranging and multi-purpose model 2241-2 Scaler-Speedometer included
- Respondents can measure pollution and samples.
- Model 44-2 High-Sensitivity Gamma Scintillation Detector can be connected
- Locked toggle switches optimize measurements
- Correct operation of the detector currently connected to the instrument.
- Inspection source holder for convenient and secure access
- Check source to verify correct operation of equipment together
- Stiff transportation and storage cases are foam with cut-out for each unit.
- Waterproof and waterproof, corrosion resistant, and protected by a case.
- Includes high-sensitivity gamma probes to find fast sources
- Autoranging Digital Scheduler Speedometer
- 46.5 x 35 x 17.8 cm
- 5.9 kg
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Ludlum 2241-2 Digital Scaler-Ratemeter

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