Meguro MSG-2041 GPS Signal Generator
Frequency Characteristics
- Range 1.57542GHz±10000.0Hz
- Indication LED display for only Doppler Frequency ( ±10000.0Hz)
- Accuracy 5 ×10?? (using with built-in Standard Oscillator)
- Setting Numerical entr y, shuttle knob, GP-IB in 0.1Hz steps
Output Characteristics
- Range -50 ~ -149dBm
- Indication -50 ~ -149
- Accuracy ±1 dB for more then-60dBm ±2 dB for less then-60dBm
- Impedance 50 Ohm, VSWR less than 1.5
- Leakage less then-140dBm
- Spurious Output less then-55dB for second harmonic
- Setting Inputting values directly with ENTER keys,shuttle knob and GP-IB in 0.1Hz steps
Components: Main body, power cord, manual
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Meguro MSG-2041 GPS Signal Generator

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