Shibasoku VN31AX+VN32A6 NTSC
- Automatic selection of NTSC or PAL systems.
- One device for luminance and chroma AM/PM noise measurements.
- The world's first "Any-Size, Anywhere" measurement window.
- One-touch measurements with pre-programmed noise mode keys.
- Automatic level control (ALC) for stable input levels.
- Automatic deflection correction for uniform input signals.
- User-defined scope of judgement on GO/NG evaporation.
- Judges function, production line and QC convenient. This function is a preset threshold.
- Perform a noise level GO/NG assessment based on the level and display the results as LEDs.
- Automatic Level Control (ALC)
- Automatic deflection correction
- Remote operation via GP-IB interface
- In addition to standard inputs, the following inputs are optional:
- 720p / 59.94 and 720p / 60 (VN32A6K01)
- 1125i / 50, 720p / 59.94 and 720p / 60 (VN32A6K03)
Components: Body (VN31AX+VN32A6)
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Shibasoku VN31AX+VN32A6 NTSC

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