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SMC LET-400-RE  Primary Injection Tester


They're in pretty good condition.
Functional normal
  • Permanent current up to 400A 1KVA in 4 Ranges
  • Built in digital ammeter 0.5% accuracy
  • Built in digital timer resolution 1 ms
  • Thermal and shortcircuit protection
  • Variable AC and DC voltage up to 220V
  • Variable auxiliary DC power supply up to 220V


  • Test of the I/T curve in primary current relays test
  • Primary injection tests
  • Test of measurement and protection transformers
  • In general, primary injection tests including the complete loop,
  • such as current transformer cables, protective relays, and circuit breakers
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SMC LET-400-RE Primary Injection Tester

  • 164507098816

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