Sometech IMS Industrial Videoscope System
Auto Calibration
Set up easily and simply by providing manual and automatic calibration tools to obtain accurate measurement results for various scales.
Stop Image Measurement
Provides multiple tools for various measurements. You can also modify, delete, and move measurements.
Tiling [Division Video Synthesis-Manual Mode and Automatic Mode]
Manually and automatically connect multiple images to each other
User-centric interface
You can output measurement results in a table format for real-time, user-purpose, and change the Measurement Tool, Image List, and Result Values window to where you want to go. You can compare and analyze videos and multiple stored images at the same time.
Multi Focusing
Because De-Focused images are synthesized as Focused images, multiple out-of-focus images are synthesized to ensure that all regions are in focus.
Various measurement options
It provides an environment where you can vary the type of marker bar and set the spacing and length of the reference bar to quickly determine the characteristics of the object and induce more accurate measurements, and magnifying glass during measurement can be added to magnify to fine areas. Fine area analysis with full screen view, part, and full zoom
Report Functions
Convert program-measured data and modified images into Excel to help create easier reports
Standard Image Format Support
Automatically save measured image formats to standard, enabling other image editing programs to open measurement images
Video Storage Capability
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Sometech IMS Industrial Videoscope System

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