Yokogawa DL9140 Digital Oscilloscope


- Highest sampling rate
5GS/s (2 channels) 2.5 GS/s (4 channels)
- Bandwidth : 1GHz (DL9140/DL9140L)
- Number of Analog Input Channels: 4 Input Channels
- Vertical sensitivity.
When 1 MΩ is entered: 2 mV/div to 5 V/div (step of 1-2-5)
When entering 50 Ω: 2 mV/div to 500 mV/div (step of 1-2-5)
- DC Accuracy: When 1 M 입력 is entered: ±(1.5% of 8 division + offset voltage accuracy
At input of 50 Ω: ± (1.5% of 8 div + offset voltage accuracy)
- Vertical axis resolution: 8-bit (25LSB/div)
- Time axis setting range: 500 ps/div to 50 s/div (1-2-5 steps)
- Maximum record length: 2.5M word/ channel (DL9040/DL9140L/DL9240), 6.25M word/ channel (DL9040L/DL9140L/DL9240L)
- Internal media drive: 90MB (Flash memory: about 30MB, System memory: about 60MB)
Flash memory is a type of memory that can download or store data through file operations.
- Interface : USB peripheral support/ PC card interface/ USB-PC connection/ Ethernet communication (/C8-/C12 option)
- Internal printer: Thermal line-dot, paper width 112mm (optional)
- Other Options: I2C Analysis Function, SPI Analysis Function, CAN Analysis Function, LIN Analysis Function, UART Analysis Function
Internal hard disk drives, user definitionsoperating functions, power supply analysis features
- Display (TFT LCD): 8.4 inches (21.3 cm) Color TFT Liquid Crystal Display
- Fitting: -M-HJ/B5/P2/C8/F5

Components: main body, front cover, 2 probes (700988), 2 probes (700939),
+ (Yokogawa PBA2500)1, User's Manual
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Yokogawa DL9140 Digital Oscilloscope

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