Yokogawa WT130 Digital Power Meter


- Input and wiring: Three-Phase 3 Line: 253502 3V3A, Three-Phase 4 Line: 253503
- Voltage: Direct input: 30 to 1000 Vpk (600 Vrms) Accuracy of 0.2%
- Current: Direct input: 500 mA to 20 A accuracy of 0.2%.
- Frequency: Input up to 50 kHz and measurable accuracy of 0.2%
- Power accuracy: ±0.25% OF F.S.
- Power measurement display: V , A, W , Q, S
- Power calculation function: Power, voltage, and current calculation value display from 0 to 10000 hours
- Calculation function: crest factor operation
- Harmonics analysis: 40th of harmonic measurements and THD measurements related to measurements.
- Input PT/CT: Compute the power values converted through PT/CT to display the actual values.
- Display: 199999Display Measured Values
- Printout: External plotter connection, printer connection using GPIB converter
- Communication functions: GPIB,RS232C
- Power: 90 to 250V 60Hz
- Appearance and weight: 426×132×400mm approximately 10kg
- SUFFIX: -C1-0-M/EX1

Components: Main body
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Yokogawa WT130 Digital Power Meter

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