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Inventory List in April, 2021

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Semiconductor Stock List in May, 2022

1 FEI JAPAN E-SEM QUANTA 250 FEG 2015 with EDAX(EDS) 2 JEOL SEM JSM-6360LV 2004 •JSM-6360LV SEM main unit •61090(MS) 2-axis motor stage(Max specimen size 150 mm, 80x40mm) •47414 PC unit(2 USB port, PC

Analytical System List in May 2022

1 Waters LC/MS/MS Xevo TQ-XS 2019 •Xevo TQ-XS(UniSpray Source) •Acquity UPLC I-class -Binary Solvent Manager -Sample manager-FTN -Column manager 2 Waters LC/MS/MS Xevo TQ-MS 2010 •Xevo TQ-MS •Rotary v


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