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Semiconductor Stock List in May, 2022


with EDAX(EDS)

2 JEOL SEM JSM-6360LV 2004

•JSM-6360LV SEM main unit

•61090(MS) 2-axis motor stage(Max specimen size 150 mm, 80x40mm)

•47414 PC unit(2 USB port, PC card slot)

•34470 backscatter electron detector

•47512 CRT monitor

•65020(PRD2) device for photography

•65040(CSI2) device for scan image photography

•65150(OKB) operation keyboard

•49020 chiller

•LGSHL solvent holder

3 Keyence 3D Surface Measurement Microscope (SEM) VE-9800S 2006

with 3D/Motorized Stage EDAX GENESIS XM2

4 Keyence 3D Surface Measurement Microscope (SEM) VE-8800 2006

with Motorized Stage/EDS EDAX G-XM2 CDU/SUTW

5 Horiba (HORIBA FRANS SAS) Ellipsometer UVISEL 2 2013

•UVISEL 2Spectroscopic Phase Modulated Ellipsometer 190~2100nm

6 Olympus Semiconductor wafer inspection microscope 2006

•Brightfield/Darkfield illuminator+Fiber Adapter(BX-RLA2+U-LGAD)

•Motorized Nosepiece 6-Position RMS Threads(ob: 1.25x 2.5x 10x 20x 50x 100xBD)(U-D6REM)

•Levo Controller/Hand switch(UREMCB/U-HSTR)

•Light Guide •Transmission Light unit

•Imaging lens(Camera adapter)/touble port(U-TLU+U-TV0.5XC)

•Light Reduction Filter/Color Temperature Conversion Filter

•Color camera(Including the manual measurement function)

•Stage and stage driving controller

•Color video printers and ACC

•Auto focus unit and PC

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